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Michael was great in helping us find our home.

He worked efficiently and listened to our needs. We appreciated Michael and his hard work. Today, it is difficult to find an agent that works with honesty, trustworthiness, and efficiently. We found all of these with Michael. We are so happy with our home and would recommend him to anyone.

Renee Gutierrez

I interviewed numerous agents before selecting Michael to represent me in the sale of my home.

He was by far the most professional and knowledgeable person I interviewed. Michael impressed me with his background in real estate and negotiating. Most importantly, his emphasis on working with clients to achieve their goals was key to my decision to hire Michael. I was not disappointed with my choice. Michael was very patient with me and made valuable suggestions on how to best represent my home for showing. I knew the price I set was high for the area, but in the end, Michael helped me sell the house for $45,000 over the highest comps in the area at the time. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking expert representation for their real estate transaction.

Debby Green

Dear Michael             Thank you very much for your email 1.

                  First of all my sincere compliments to you as the facts are and as I have shared with some people that real estate agent does not just mean just showing the properly and sell it.   And I believe I told you as well super good agent like you does what you are doing right now.  I want to congratulate you, I think you are doing a terrafic job. 2.                  I will repeat to you what I told you in begginng first time you came to my home for the listing although statistics that you showed me are good whatever you are doing now is the most important part.   Its closing the ascrow not just selling. 3.                  In this transaction I think you have done a fantastic job but unfortunately you have the other agent who is not very cooperative and I believe for the owners and the agent you use the word which I believe were it is OK to be a dictator in buyers market but you can not be a terrorist.                    You have done your best they have not dealt with you ethically and according to the rules and regulations of the real estate Saghir A.

Michael, thanks for your wonderful job.

Shawn K (We negotiated a three lien short sale and bank forgave $650,000, and all future rights to collect!)

Dear Michael, We are so grateful for all your hard work and support!

We appreciated all your patience and diligence through this stressful situation. Hopefull in the future you will be searching for and selling us a home! I'm sure we'll see you around the neighborhood. Todd and Maria N. July 2012

Thank you so very much.

  It's comforting having the two of you on my side.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do.  Thi P.

After 26 years of home ownership and a perfect payment record and unforeseen family tragedy necessitated by loan restructure.

  I was sure the bank would help me restructure my loan in order to keep my home.  I had a job making just under 6 figures and a median priced home. … I was wrong.  They were going to foreclose. I was one of those people who was caught in the middle. Not poor enough to receive help from the government, yet my house payment was too high to live comfortably.     After many months of anguish and walking right past my mailbox to avoid the threatening letters. Mike Aeros offered his help. He was confident that he could help me save my credit and move on… .  I was scared and distrustful at first.  Out of desperation, I took a leap of faith ( based on some strong recommendations from Mike’s clients)  I was not disappointed. After  6 weeks my home was sold on a short sale… Michael helped in moving me to a new location and I received 2500 dollar in relocation monies. My credit will be repaired within a 2 year period and I felt the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders.   Michael and his staff made one of the most heart wrenching times in my life easier to bear. I highly recommend this team of professionals…you will be greatful you did.  Thanks Mike and Mimi. Debra P Irvine 2011

Please allow me to thank you.

  This was definitely a new and surreal experience that your team made as pleasant as possible.  And I truly can't thank you enough for that.  It was a pleasure standing by you and Masy through the whole process as I believe you both are very kind and good people.  Thi

My wife and I are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support and guidance Michael Aros provided us in purchasing our new home in California.

There were many obstacles that we had to overcome during our buying process and Michael showed great patience and professionalism in helping us finalize our purchase. I highly recommend Michael for anyone wanting an experienced and diligent real estate professional.

Michael Knapp

This is great news .

.. infact fantastic news. I know this was a tough one so thank you to all of you for trying your best in getting this through. Without each one of your dedicated efforts this was not possible.   So ones again a VERY PERSONAL AND A VERY EMOTIONAL THANK YOU to all for helping bring to us our first home and making our dreams a reality. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    This is the best Christmas gift of my life. Thank you all for being our Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :)       Darshee & Vishal

We decided to buy a new home prior to selling our current home and involved Mike in the sale of our current home on short notice.

He made us a priority and went above and beyond to get our house on the market in a very short timeline. He provided us sound advice during the home sale process and made sure that we were fully informed before making any decisions. We could not have sold our home in the time frame we did and receive a fair price without Mike!

Matt & Karen Weidner

Michael is our agent in acquiring a short sale home.

We are extremely fortunate to have him on our side because of his extensive knowledge and experience of the short sale process. He is able to guide us through the normally stressful process with minimal hassles and worries. My husband and I are also impressed by Michael’s professionalism. He is always thinking one step ahead for us. When the sellers needed to stay for a month after escrow closed, Michael was extremely proactive. He drafted the addendum and collected the keys for us. It really helped having it all taken care of for us. We also appreciate his detailed knowledge of the house.   When we performed the walk through, we were struck by how much he knew about the mechanics of the house.  Overall, we really think highly of Michael and recommend him as an agent. Joyce and Fred C, 2013

I love you!

Dean H., Prudential Calif. Realty Michael,   Praise the Lord!  You’re the man!!!  Thank you so much.    That’s awesome that the bank handled the shortage… the best news all week.

Michael Aros did a great job for us finding us a home quickly in a tight market and dealing well with a difficult out of State seller.

He was there for us at every step in the process, and was instrumental in making sure our escrow closed successfully. Michael is an experienced Realtor and an expert on Irvine's Woodbury and Stonegate neighborhoods. I can recommend him to anyone looking for a outstanding Realtor in Orange County.

Marty F.

Thank you Michael!

! Carmen G (This seller dogged foreclosure dates with us and faced construction oddities we were able to overcome)

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